Introducing the App Security Story

We’re very happy to reveal a big change to how we present details of events, attacks and incidents; the Security Story - designed to improve your visibility into your Application Security.

The Session Timeline

Case details will now include a timeline of the attacker’s behavior, including:

  • page requests
  • endpoint requests
  • application errors

This information is presented alongside the case details and recommendations, to provide greater context to you and your team

Now you can see wider activity and the route that that attacker has taken through your system - so you can spend less time digging through server logs, and get more visibility into issues, to better understand where a particular vulnerability originated in your app.

Attacker Profile

We’ve also added information to help you profile the behavior of attackers over time, so that you’re not just seeing the requests they make; but also patterns in their behavior.

We’re excited about this - we will continue to bring new user-friendly features to help you organize, filter and browse insights into your application security.

The changes are now live in the app - view a Case page to see it in action.


We’re hoping you’ll find this information as useful as we do; let us know if you’ve got any feedback on this new approach we’d love to hear from you.