Agent Release v0.6.1 - Added Cache Busting

We’ve shipped an update to our monitoring Agent, to improve performance and minimise the amount of server resources used by the Agent.

To apply these changes, update your Agents now.


  • Optimized performance for higher bandwidth servers
  • Pool connections to Barricade’s streaming API
  • More informative debug logs, including file and line number
  • Experimental support for Docker containers
  • Reduced default flush_frequency from 0.1s to 0.5s for better performance.
  • Add warnings for when libpcap is dropping packets
  • (bugfix) registration no longer fails when machine hostname unavailable
  • (bugfix) cache now enforces owner only r/w permissions
  • (bugfix) cache now purged regularly even when no connection can be established to Barricade (prevents disk space being exhausted)