Agent Release v0.4.5 - Update Required

We’ve shipped a major update to our monitoring Agent, to improve performance and minimise the amount of server CPU the Agent requires.

You must to Update Your Agents to apply these changes.


  • Added ability to pause or disable the agent from the dashboard
  • Support for running in Docker containers
  • Include system information (Operating System, Kernel version, etc) in data being monitored by Barricade
  • SSL now uses trusted certificate - SSL negotiation verifies hostname before establishing connection

Bug Fixes:

  • Add a more robust external IP resolver (solves issue where occasionally public IP would not be registered correctly)
  • Fixes for some memory exhaustion scenarios in low resource environments
  • Automatically restarts interface captures that have failed

Agent Configuration:

Agents have advanced configuration options that you can adjust to suit your needs. See our Agent Configuration docs for details on how you can set these options.

  • ssl_check_hostname (new) - enable/disable SSL hostname verification, enabled by default
  • spooler_memory (new) - specify the amount of memory to use for buffering packets in high traffic scenarios before dropping. Has a default derived from system memory.
  • flush_frequency (changed) - default changed from 1 second to 0.01 seconds
  • log_level (changed) - default changed from error to warning
  • high_water_mark (deprecated) - deprecated in favour of spooler_memory